EFS – Ethnographic Field School

Ethnographic Field School

Study abroad, participate in a travel course, learn a new language, volunteer, and live with a local family in Southwestern Morocco.

Foundation Dar Si Hmad invites international researchers and students to be a part of our inspiring work with local communities by facilitating academic and cultural programs, and language classes in Modern Standard Arabic, Darija, and Tachelhit. With offices in both Agadir and Sidi Ifni, Foundation Dar Si Hmad is perfectly located to support students and researchers as they explore the rich socio-cultural heritage of southwestern Morocco. Partnering with us not only offers students a unique opportunity to engage with local communities and participate in locally-driven development initiatives, but also creates a platform for innovative dialogue and international research on a traditionally underrepresented region of Morocco.

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Among the most interesting aspects of anthropology as a discipline is leaving the four-walls of the classroom to experience some other reality.  Being in this other reality, in the “thickness” of the time and space, the complex processes of its  political, artistic or social scenes, and seeing oneself as this  “other” who shares and participates is what the EFS facilitates for its beneficiaries. Each one of FDSH’s theme covers some aspect in the life of Southwest Morocco, and more particularly Aït Baâmrane, and we then make the connection to more global issues and theoretical discussions. Classes are an eclectic mix of experiential and immersive learning, conferences, debates, and lectures, all of which allow for critical and intense engagement with another culture. Our courses opt for a multidisciplinary approach and make human and cultural exchange their ultimate goals, allying the rational to the  passionate and are much aware of the different systems of understanding and apprehending our world.


The following activities are the customizable building blocks of our programs: site visits (farms, NGOs, cooperatives), museums and urban history tours, language classes (Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabic Darija, or Tashelhit), conferences, academic lectures and discussions, and exchanges with local students, community members, cooperative workers, activists, State representatives, business leaders, and other lay women and men. There are reading requirements for classes as well as some form of a final project and/or presentation.

Do you crave travel experiences that support local communities and push you beyond surface-level tourism and orientalism? Do you want to make a positive impact and gain valuable work experience by interning abroad?  Do you want to learn Arabic or Amazigh in a dynamic and positive environment that takes you outside the classroom? Then come and engage in a full Dar Si Hmad experience. 


Requirements: Two class-sessions, Orientation and Cultural Sensitivity  and The Ethics of Field-work, are mandatory for all students upon arrival. Students are also required to abide by the rules and regulations of Dar Si Hmad, including respecting our zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy during the program



Your safety and health is our priority. We provide all participants with a detailed cultural and safety orientation, important contacts, and specific emergency response plans.



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Programs & Themes

EFS and our other programs are based in Agadir, and we conduct training in Sidi Ifni,  Taroudant, Tiznit, and other smaller towns of the southwest as well as the rural regions of the Anti-Atlas mountains where we have our famed fog-collection project and our didactic farm. Each program offers participants ways to understand, explore and relate to a rich and diverse region of Morocco. 

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