EFS – Ethnographic Field School

CELAR Program

Language Center and Research Assistance


Foundation Dar Si Hmad hosts many US based  researchers each year, including Fulbrighters, undergraduates, Masters students, and PhD candidates. We sponsor researchers from many different disciplines (such a archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, history, and human geography), who are studying a wide variety of subjects, including press freedom , water treatment processes and irrigation systems, politics, gender dynamics, and more.  And we are always interested in hosting more students.

Foundation Dar si Hmad provides the following services & can organise additional research support depending on the researcher’s needs:

  • Cultural orientation 
  • Excursion coordination 
  • Support establishing interview contacts
  • Airport or bus station pick-up 
  • Language classes (Modern Standard Arabic, Darija, Tashelhit, ee our language flyer-hyperlink)
  • Kitchen access
  • Homestay or apartment placement 
  • Office space
  • Site placement
  • Library and JSTOR access
  • Office Wi-Fi
  • Translation service

Language Classes

Foundation Dar SI Hmad offers engaging, fun language classes for all levels, from experienced and highly qualified teachers. We have classes in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Moroccan Arabic (Darija), and Tashelhit (a dialect of Tamazight). We also offer Classical Arabic, depending on demand and availability. Classes can be catered to individual research or academic interests, and we offer one-on-one classes as well.

Our classes are accredited by the Moroccan American Commission for Education and Cultural Exchange (MACECE), and all dialects of Arabic are Critical Language Enhancement Award (CLEA) eligible.


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